Stampede Saddle Solutions | Saddle Fitting
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Saddle Fitting

We are based in Calgary, AB and provide services to the areas surrounding Calgary. If you are outside our primary service area, please note that mileage and travel expenses will be incurred.


Ask us about discounts for multiple fittings at the same location!

Saddle Fitting Prices

Saddle Fitting Consultation

Inquire for multiple booking discount
$130.00 + tax + travel
Travel$0.50 per kilometer
Saddle Re-Fitting or Adjustment

One free adjustment is included with the purchase of a new saddle.

Saddle Alteration Prices

Saddle Reflocking

Flocking is added to your existing saddle; I use 100% Jacobs wool.
$120.00 - $180.00
Total Reflect/Strip Flock

All of the old flocking is removed from your saddle and replaced with 100% Jacobs wool.
Air to Wool Conversion

Replacing CAIR or FLAIR panels with 100% Jacobs wool.
Wool to Air Conversion

Price will depend if conversion is CAIR or FLAIR.
Please Inquire
Soundness Check

Drop the panels of saddle and assess saddle soundness. Price depends on complexity.
$80.00 - $150.00
Billet Replacement

Dressage long billet $40 each; Jumping short billet $30 each
Please Inquire

Saddle Fit Request


We are proud to work with quality brands! Contact us to find out more about the products and services we offer.